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What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

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February 1st, 2019

Although it’s been on the chillier side lately here in Arlington, the good news is that things are looking up! Other parts of the country are dealing with ridiculously cold weather, so we’ll make due with 19 degrees and snowy for today. Especially when you take a look at the forecast over the next few days. It’s supposed to be 44 tomorrow and 52 on Sunday. Like we said, it could definitely be worse! (It’s even supposed to get up to 62 degrees on Tuesday, so we’re all for that.)

Weather aside, Fridays are usually the day that people start making their plans for the weekend. You made it through another week of emails, sales goals, and that one ridiculously loud coworker whose voice you can hear from ten cubicles down, and that’s something to celebrate. What do you have in store? In today’s post, Texas Jack’s, your source for the best BBQ in Arlington, has a few suggestions. Keep reading to learn more!

3 Things to Do This Weekend

See a Movie

When is the last time you went to see a movie? Although it’s probably something you enjoy quite a bit, the truth is that with our busy lives, it can be hard to make the time to go to the theater. Our advice? Treat yourself! Carve out a couple of hours and go see whatever catches your eye.

Don’t particularly want to go outside? We can understand that. The internet can be a wonderful thing, and that’s particularly true when it comes to movies. It’s easier than ever to rent a movie online with a few clicks and before you know it, you’re watching it in ultra high definition. Just be sure to dedicate your time exclusively to watching the movie, because nothing is worse than having to pause a movie a dozen times to tackle little errands. So grab a drink, grab some snacks, and settle in for a relaxing few hours with a movie.

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Curl Up With a Book

Okay, we’re not judging at all, but how many books do you currently have in your house that you’ve never read? Like we said, we’re not throwing shade, because it’s just a fact of life that people buy books they want to read, put them on bookshelves, and then that’s where they live from that moment until the end of time. For example, you love Stephen King, and even the things he’s written that aren’t particularly great are enjoyable to you. Therefore, you buy every new book he puts out (which is a shockingly large number of books), and they end up in your to-read pile for months. “I’ll get around to it eventually.”

Well, friend, today is the day. Whether you have a backlog of books that you want to get through or you’re the type of person who’d rather just pick up your tablet and buy a digital copy of whatever catches your eye at the moment, this is the perfect time to do a bit of reading. Curl up on the couch with a blanket, get yourself something tasty to drink, and allow yourself to get lost in a good story. We’re lucky to live in a time where there are so many good books, and they’re so easy to access, so go ahead and get your read on.

Get Some Barbecue

What’s a relaxing weekend without at least one incredibly delicious meal? And what better place to get said incredibly delicious meal than at Texas Jack’s? As a matter of fact, there’s no reason to even consider other BBQ restaurants because we really are the best. No, really! We were voted the #1 Barbecue Joint in the DC Area in 2018 by The Washington Post. We’re so honored to have received that recognition, and if you’ve never been here before, you won’t be let down.

Whether you’re enjoying our nachos with pulled pork, some crispy smoked wings, or our beef brisket, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Visit us for brunch, lunch, happy hour, or dinner, and you’ll find that we offer delicious foods that leave you feeling satisfied. We also have a number of different beers on tap from all across the country, bottled and canned beer, various wines, bourbons, and whiskeys, and several unique cocktails. In other words, it’s everything you could ever want from a good meal this weekend.

Here’s to the Weekend!

Whatever you end up doing, we’d like to wish you a great weekend. When it comes right down to it, it beats having to go to work no matter how you look at it! Either way, the crew here at Texas Jack’s is here to provide you with the delicious food you’re craving. Come in and see us, or order takeout or delivery here on our website, and rest assured that barbecue will make any weekend a little bit better.